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Fill-In Extensions Fiber (10 pcs) 45cm

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Fill-In Extensions Fiber (10 pcs) 45cm

Quick Overview

The Fantasy Color Fill-in fiber hair extensions are prebonded extensions made of high quality machine made fiber hair. The Prebonded Fill-in extensions are designed with small, long-lasting karatin bonds that close when placed with the use of a connector tool.The natural straight texture ensures an instant integration with the natural hair. Perfect for temporary, outstanding color accents.

• 100% high quality Fiber Hair 
• Long-lasting keratin bond application (8-12 weeks)
• Available in several fantasy colors


Fantasy Color Fill-in extensions fiber hair 45cm
The Fantasy Color Fill-in extensions are perfect to create an extravagant look. The color collection consists of bright, eccentric colors that allow for outstanding color accents. The extensions are connected by placing the natural hair in the bonds of the prebonded extension and closing it by using the connector tool. The small, long-lasting keratin bonds keep the hair extensiond within the bond with little to no shredding. The Fill-in extensions are flexible, comfortable to wear and ensure optimal hair distribution.The individual strands allow for a customized, edgy look. Also available in 100% Human Hair

One pack Fantasy color Fill-In Fiber Hair Extensions (10 pcs.) equals a small color treatment. 

Best for: Fantasy color Fill-In Fiber Hair extensions are perfect color accents. Suitable for all hair types.

Backstage Secret: Mix two different fantasy colors for an even more edgy look.

• Fantasy Colors Fill-in extensions, 10pcs.
Fantasy color Fill-In extensions are made of natural straight 100% high quality machine made Fiber Hair. Length: 45cm | 18''

• Protectors, 1pcs.

• Organizer, 1pcs.

Bond-application (8-12 weeks);(Plug & Play Connector not included)

1. Make a parting in the natural hair. 
2.Take a small hair strand.
3. Place the protector around the hair strand. Secure with a clip at 0.5cm from the scalp.
4. Place the bond of the extension under the hair strand.
5. Use the Plug & Play Connector to heat the bond. Continue heating until the Bond starts to bubble.
6. Roll the bond into the natural hair using your thumb and forefinger until you have a clear, rice like bond. 
7. Do not wash the hair for 24 hours, to allow the bond to seal.

In order to re-use Fill-in Bond Extensions, separate Bonds (Micro Keratin Bonds (24pcs) | Keratin Bonds (24pcs)) are needed. Remove the prebonded extensions from the hair. Cut off the old bond and heat a new Bond in the Connector. Place the extension onto the melting bond and attach as usual. Keep in mind that fill-in extensions become shorter after reapplication.

Additional properties:

Hair length : 45cm / 18"
Hair type : Fiber Hair
Made of :
Application techniques : Bonds
Pieces : 10 pieces
Size (ml) :
Ingredients :
Free from :
Dimension packaging (LxWxH) : 50.5 x 8.7 x 0.7 cm
Dimension product (LxWxH) :
Weight incl. packaging : 25 gr
Weight excl. packaging :
Additional information :

• 10 pcs Fill-In Fiber Hair Extensions 45cm
• 1 appointment cards
• 1 protectors