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Care & Styling

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  1. Balmain Homme Hair & Body Wash 200ml

    An indispensable part of the modern gentleman’s grooming routine. A hydrating 2-in-1 formula that gently cleanses hair and body in one step. Leaves the hair and skin thoroughly cleansed and hydrated. It lather’s richly and rinses easily without leaving any residue.

    Use: Apply to damp hair and/or skin. Massage softly and rinse.

    Please note: Your order will not be shipped immediately. The estimated shipping date is July 2020.

  2. Limited Edition Signature Foundation Travel Size

    The Balmain Paris Hair Couture Signature Foundation Travel Size. The ultimate backstage secret for healthy looking hair with a luminous shine. The combination of Leave-in Conditioning Spray and Moisturizing Argan Elixir provides the ultimate styling surface for any hairstyle. 

    • The ultimate base for any hairstyle
    • Reduces frizz and flyaway hair
    • Restores the hair’s natural shine

  3. Balmain Homme Beard Oil 30ml

    A daily treatment to keep a beard in perfect condition. A richly scented nourishing beard oil for styling and conditioning. Provides a moisturizing effect on the skin as well as the facial hair. Absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

    Use: Evenly distribute throughout the beard.

  4. Limited Edition Backstage Case FW20

    The Limited Edition Backstage Case is designed for a variety of uses. This luxurious hardcase toiletry bag with debossed B logo easily holds all hair care essentials. Including Texturizing Salt Spray 200ml, Argan Moisturizing Elixir 100ml, Mini Detangling Spa Brush

    PRE-ORDER available from October 2020
  5. Limited Edition Gift Calendar FW20

    Balmain Paris Hair Couture presents “La Ville Lumière / The City of Lights”. A luxury Gift Calendar designed to represent the world famous Parisian nightlife. The ancient Parisian buildings each contain one of the 10 beauty indulgences of Balmain Paris Hair Couture. PRE-ORDER available from November 2020
  6. 14K Gold Plated Spa Brush & Hand Mirror

    Premium haircare set with handmade 14k gold plated spa brush with boar hair bristles and 14K gold plated handmirror. The unique structure of the boar hair bristles carries the hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft. By coating each strand with a very small amount of sebum, the brush repairs dry hair and adds lustrous shine without using styling products. The luxurious 14K Gold Plated Hand Mirror is designed with round, dual-sided mirrors with a regular and a magnifying side for detailed application and/or styling. Including transparent mirror holder.

    • 14K gold plated boar hair spa brush & handmirror
    • Distributes the hair's natural oils and reduces frizz
    • Prevents oil build-up at the scalp, reducing the frequency of washing

    PRE-ORDER available from October 2020
  7. Limited Edition 18K Gold Plated Headband FW20

    Large 18k Gold Plated Headband. Inspired by the returning golden design elements of the Balmain Paris Fashion Collections. The headband is embellished with the iconic logo and features a nubuck lining to stay perfectly in place.

    PRE-ORDER available from November 2020
  8. Limited Edition Crystal Gold Hair Barrette FW20

    An exclusive limited edition Hair Barrette crystalized with the finest Swarovski crystals inspired by the returning signature golden detailing of the Balmain fashion collection. The Barrette fastens with a hand polished, 18K gold plated hairpin with engraved logo. A delightful addition that accentuates each hairstyle. PRE-ORDER available from October 2020
  9. Limited Edition Barrette Pour Cheveux M Gold FW20

    A handcrafted logo hair accessory made from high quality 18K Gold Plated metal and genuine Napa leather. PRE-ORDER available from October 2020
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 70 total

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