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  1. Disconnector

    The Disconnector is used in combination with Dissolvent and helps to remove bonded hairextensions in a safe and easy way. The ergonomic tool with easy hold crushes bonds after application of Dissolvent and allows to remove bonded hairextensions without damaging the natural hair.

    • Removal tool for bonded hairextensions
    • Ergonomic design for easy hold
    • Used in combination with Dissolvent

  2. Reapplication tapes (20pcs)

    Tape strips especially designed for the reapplication of Tape Extensions. The separate tape strips, each with a length of 7cm, can be cut to the desired size and therefore can be used for the reapplication of both wide and narrow tape extensions. Use Dissolvent or Silk Tape Remover to remove the old tapes from the extensions.

    Content: 20 tape strips

    • Tapes for the reapplication of tape extensions
    • Can be cut to the desired size
    • Last up to 4 weeks

  3. Systeme Volume Silicon Pads (48pcs)

    The Silicon Pads, especially designed for Système Volume services, protect the natural hair against the heat of the Système Volume Applicateur. Silicon Pads are used in the Système Volume Positionneurs and ensure risk-free application of Système Volume hairexetensions. Silicon Pads can be used multiple times and are easy to replace.

    • Silicon Pads for the application of Système Volume hair extensions
    • Protect the hair from heat damage
    • Can be used multiple times

  4. Systeme Volume Positionneur (4pcs)

    The revolutionary Système Volume Positionneurs, especially designed for Système Volume services, follow the shape of the head and ensure accurate and comfortable positioning. The Positionneurs, used in combination with the Système Volume Applicateur, support the speed of application by allowing to proceed with the application of extensions while giving the previous applied bonds time to cool down.

    • Tool for the application of Système Volume hair extensions
    • For accurate and comfortable positioning
    • Ergonomic design

  5. Boar Hair Brush

    Small handmade boar hair brush. The unique structure of the boar bristles carries the hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft. By coating each strand with a very small amount of sebum, the brush repairs dry hair and adds lustrous shine without using styling products. Regular brushing stimulates the scalp and increases the blood circulation to the hair follicles.

    • Stimulates the scalp and increases the blood circulation
    • Distributes the hair's natural oils and reduces frizz
    • Prevents oil build-up at the scalp, reducing the frequency of washing

  6. Systeme Volume Applicateur (incl 4 Positionneurs, 24 Silicon Pads)

    The revolutionary Système Volume Applicateur, especially designed for Système Volume services, places five high quality 100% Human Hair extensions in just 35 seconds. The high-tech and ergonomic applicateur and positioners follows the shape of the head and ensures accurate and comfortable positioning. The patented technology is 80% timesaving and allows for super-fast volume and lengthening services.  

    • Tool for the application of Système Volume hair extensions
    • Revolutionary speed of application (80% timesaving)
    • High-tech, ergonomic design

  7. Silk Bonds (25pcs)

    Silk Bonds for the application of DoubleHair extensions or re-application of prebonded hair extensions. Hair- and silk proteins are almost identical and therefore the perfect natural match. Due to the natural cohesion between the Silk Bond and the natural hair’s structure, Silk Bonds last up to 3 months. Perfect to reuse human hair extensions, especially from the Professional Selective Collection (Silk Line).  

    • Super strong Silk Bonds
    • Last up to 3 months
    • Recommended for the (re)application of Silk Line Extensions

  8. Plug & Play Connector

    With the original Balmain Hair tools you can be sure of a perfect result when applying and removing Balmain Hair products. Ergonomic tool specially designed for the standard application of Balmain Hair Fill-In extensions, DoubleHair and Plusbonds.

  9. Backstage Tool Pouch

    The Backstage Tool Pouch, developed with Balmain’s backstage stylists, is especially created to carry all bare essentials of the session stylist! The Backstage Tool Pouch with compact design is perfect to hold all session stylist tools! Features multiple multifunctional pockets and one removable transparent bag.   

    • High quality and luxurious backstage tool pouch
    • Suitable for professional and backstage use
    • Multiple loops and pockets

  10. Ceramic Round Brush 35mm

    Are you sure you’re using the right brush for your hair? To keep your hair in a healthy and perfect condition, use the Ceramic Brush from Balmain Paris Hair Couture. This 35mm round ceramic brush is suitable for short to medium hair lengths to create more volume or curls. 

    • Heats up quick and even
    • Anti-static soft-tip bristles 
    • Gentle on hair and scalp 

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