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  1. Silver Spa Brush

    Premium haircare set with handmade chromium coated spa brush with boar hair bristles. The unique structure of the boar hair bristles carries the hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft. By coating each strand with a very small amount of sebum, the brush repairs dry hair and adds lustrous shine without using styling products.

    • Chromium coated boar hair spa brush
    • Distributes the hair's natural oils and reduces frizz
    • Prevents oil build-up at the scalp, reducing the frequency of washing

  2. Salon Towel (1pcs)

    The Balmain Salon Towel has been designed to meet all the needs of salons that carry the Balmain Paris Hair Couture collection. The Balmain Salon Towels are bleach resistant and made of 100% cotton.

    • Soft and fade resistant
    • Absorbent and dry quickly
    • Bleach resistant

  3. Professional Water Vaporizer

    The propellant free bottle creates an ultra-fine continuous mist, which lasts up to 50% longer than traditional water sprays. The powerful aerosol-like spray with ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and easy hold and can be used in any spraying position. 

    • Ultra-fine continuous mist
    • Repeated actuation produces an endless spray 
    • 360 degrees spraying 

  4. Professional Infrared Blowdryer

    The infrared heat penetrates deep into the cortex of the hair and dries it from within which minimizes the risk of hair damage and reduces the drying time. So not only are you taking care of your hair, you will also have your hair stylish with less effort than before! The infrared light also contributes to a healthy blood circulation and reduces hair loss. A healthy blood circulation also makes the hair grow longer. The built-in ionic generator creates millions of negative ion particles. The ionic technology allows these particles to seal cuticles, infuse moisture, rehydrate, eliminate frizz and provides a silk and smooth end result. 

    • 35% time saving 
    • Far infrared 
    • Negative ion 
    • Cool shot 

  5. Golden Cutting Comb

    A Limited Edition professional 14-karat gold-plated cutting comb with straight edges to assist in a clean cut. Designed with the highest quality standards.

    • 14K Gold-plated
    • Professional Cutting Comb
    • Straight edges for a clean cut 


  6. Golden Styling Comb

    This Limited Edition professional Balmain Paris Hair Couture Styling Comb has a unique shape that is ideal for all types of hair. It adds body and shine and reduces frizz. The wide teeth are ideal for detangling wet hair without pulling or breaking the strands. 

    • 14K Gold-plated
    • Professional Styling Comb
    • Gives hair body and shine

  7. Golden Tail Comb

    This Limited Edition professional golden Tail Comb is perfect for sectioning the hair. Its fine-toothed structure achieves great precision. 

    • 14K Gold-plated
    • Professional Tail Comb
    • Pointed handle for parting and sectioning

  8. Quick Remover

    The revolutionary Quick Remover removes bonded hair extensions in a single-handed operation. The Quick Remover neutralizes the adhesive strength of the bonding under the influence of the pressure and UV light. Up to 70% time saving compared to normal removal techniques.  

    Content: Quick Remover, 3x AAA batteries and 1 Dissolvent Gel

    • Quick removal of bonded hair extensions
    • Ergonomic design for comfortable hold
    • Not harmful to the natural hair

  9. Protectors (6pcs)

    The use of Protectors is recommended when applying prebonded hair extensions. The Protector protects the scalp from heat damage and ensures perfect positioning of the bond. This ensures comfortable wearing and easy application.  

    • Prevents the scalp from heat damage
    • Ensures perfect positioning of the bond
    • Suitable for prebonded hair extensions

  10. Dissolvent for Quick Remover (2pcs)

    Dissolvent Gel for removal of Pre-bonded extensions or DoubleHair (with bond application). The Dissolvent Gel, which is used with the Quick Remover, neutralizes the adhesive strength of the bonding under the influence of the pressure and UV light. Up to 75% time saving compared to normal removal techniques.  

    Contains: 2x 50ml bottles.

    • Dermatological tested
    • Not harmful to the natural hair
    • Equals the removal of 500 bondings

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