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  1. Hair Dress Human Hair 55cm

    This hairpiece, made of 100% Human Hair, is easy to apply without damaging the natural hair. The transparent strand rests on the head, not on the hair and holds the hairpiece perfectly in place without the risk of slipping out. The Hair Dress contains multiple wefts, including one patented Soft Blend Edge for perfect integration. The Hair Dress Ombre colors can be worn on both sides, a sunrise side with a lighter shade and a sunset side with a slightly darker shade. 

    • 100% Human Hair 
    • Non damaging application (without rings, bonds, tape or clips)
    • Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare

  2. DoubleHair Silk (1pcs) 55cm

    DoubleHair Silk is a patented, reusable weft extensions system made of Silk Protein infused 100% Human Hair. The 9cm wide wefts each contain three layers of hair which allow you to create instant volume and length with a minimum number of applications. To ensure invisible integration and comfortable wearing, the wefts are fastened under a layer of extension hair with either clips, rings or keratin bonds.

    • High quality Silk Protein infused 100% Human Hair 
    • Multi-application: Clips, Rings (4-6 weeks) or Bonds (8-12 weeks) 
    • Unique 6 months’ quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare

  3. Catwalk Ponytail Memory®Hair 55cm

    The catwalk ponytail is the best way to create a catwalk worthy ponytail with ultimate length (55 cm) and volume in less then one minute. 

    • 100% Memory®Hair
    • Invisible integration
    • Easy to straighten and curl (max. 160ºC/320ºF)

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3 Item(s)