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Volume Care Line

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  1. Limited Edition Summer Night Essentials Set SS20

    Essentials for an effortless evening hairstyle

    Especially during the summer it is important to lock in moisture to prevent the hair from becoming dry. Nighttime is a great opportunity to repair and restore its vitality. The Summer Night Essentials Kit SS20 contains the iconic Leave in Conditioning Spray and the Pince a Cheveux Medium. Apply the Leave-in Conditioning Spray before going to bed, concentrating on dry, frizzy area’s and wake up with completely nourished hair. Use the Pince a Cheveux Medium to get that hair of the neck area and create an effortless, messy French Twist during the hot summer nights.

    • Restors the hairs vitality during nighttime
    • Perfect to create luminous evening hairstyles
    • Cellulose Acetate hair clip with the house's iconic 18K gold plated B emblem

  2. Leave-In Conditioning Spray 200ml Leave-In Conditioning Spray 200ml
    + Special Gift

    Leave-In Conditioning Spray 200ml

    De Leave-In Conditioner hydrateert het haar en de hoofdhuid, egaliseert de haarschubben en bevat UV-bescherming. Geeft volume en verzorging gedurende de hele dag.

    • Sluit de haarschubben
    • Met UV-filter
    • Geeft volume aan het haar

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2 artikel(en)