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Training Head

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Aluminium Tripod For Training Head

Training Head (L6)

Description rapide

Tête malléable 100% cheveux naturels (level 6) de la plus haute qualité, elle permet de s'entraîner à différentes techniques de coiffage telle que la coupe, la coloration et la permanente.


Made of 100% Human Hair, the Training Head (level 6), is designed by the highest quality standards and gives you the full possibility to train all kinds of different styling sessions such as cutting, coloring and perming.

Additional properties:

Hair length :
Hair type :
Made of :
Application techniques :
Pieces :
Size (ml) :
Ingredients :
Free from :
Dimension packaging (LxWxH) : N/A
Dimension product (LxWxH) : 41.8 x 21.3 x 22.4 cm
Weight incl. packaging : N/A
Weight excl. packaging : 1192 gr
Additional information : N/A