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  1. Training Head (L6)

    Made of 100% Human Hair, the Training Head (level 6), is designed by the highest quality standards and gives you the full possibility to train all kinds of different styling sessions such as cutting, coloring and perming.

  2. Aluminium Tripod For Training Head

    An aluminum tripod specifically designed to hold the Balmain Hair Couture Training Head. The tripod is easy to set up and is perfect for every (training) styling session.

    • Lightweight Tripod for the Balmain Training Head
    • Made of aluminum
    • Including a Balmain Hair Couture travel bag

  3. Consultation Book Systeme Volume

    Consultation book especially designed for Système Volume services. The Système Volume Consultation book contains detailed product information and several color swatches to select the right service for each client. An indispensable part of the Système Volume service.  

    • Allows to select the right Système Volume service for each client.  
    • Including all Système Volume color swatches.  
    • With detailed product information and application technique.

  4. Education Merchandise Kit Spring Summer 2020 10pcs

    Education Merchandise Kit Spring-Summer is filled with a range of merchandise essentials, inspired by the Balmain Paris Spring-Summer Fashion Show.

    • Education Merchandise Kit Spring-Summer 2020 
    • Filled with merchandise products for a Balmain Paris Hair Couture training
    • Inspired by the Balmain Spring-Summer 2020 collection

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4 Item(s)