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Salon Towels & Capes

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  1. Luxurious Cutting Cape

    The luxurious cutting cape with signature Balmain sleeves is designed to the highest standards of precision and quality. Made from a non-static, water repellent material, the salon cape perfectly protects your client’s clothes during all hairdressing services. 

    • Luxurious, lightweight water repellent material
    • With signature Balmain Sleeves
    • Machine Washable

  2. Cutting Cape

    Cutting Cape with embroidered Balmain logo and metal snap closure. The Cutting Cape, made of water repellent anti-static material, perfectly protects your client’s clothes during all hairdressing services. 

    • Water repellent, anti-static material 
    • With embroidered Balmain logo  
    • Machine Washable

  3. Salon Towel (6pcs)

    The Balmain Salon Towel has been designed to meet all the needs of salons that carry the Balmain Paris Hair Couture collection. The Balmain Salon Towels are bleach resistant and made of 100% cotton.

    • Soft and fade resistant
    • Absorbent and dry quickly
    • Bleach resistant

  4. White Session Towel (3pcs)

    The small-sized Session Towel is specially designed for session stylists. The Session Towel is made of 100% cotton and perfect to store styling tools on or clean your hands with while working. Features a golden ring with metal buckle to fasten the towel onto a Backstage Tool Belt, Backstage Bag Large or Backstage Bag Small.

    • Soft towel made of 100% cotton  
    • 230 grams, Yarn count 16 s
    • Size: 30 x 50cm

Set Descending Direction


4 Item(s)