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Colorring DoubleHair & Soft Blend Weaving

Quick Overview

Ensure a perfect color match with the colorring DoubleHair & Soft Blend Weaving. Suitable for all DoubleHair Extensions (except Double Hair Silk and Double Hair Ombre) and Soft Blend Weaving made of 100% Human Hair. Always select the correct color by matching the hair strands of the coloring with the lengths of the client’s hair.

Suitable for: Double Hair Treatment (5pcs + 10 fill-in) 40cm, Double Hair XL (1pcs) 55-60cm, Double Hair Length & Volume Treatment (5pcs) 40cm, Double Hair Length & Volume (1pcs) 40cm, Double Hair Length & Volume XL (1pcs) 55-60cm, Soft Blend Weaving (1pcs) 25cm, Soft Blend Weaving (1pcs) 40cm.

•  100% Human Hair coloring
•  Perfect tool for color matching
•  Suitable for all Double Hair Extensions (except Silk and Ombre) and Soft Blend Weaving.