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Fill-In Value Pack Straight (50pcs) 55cm

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Fill-in Extensions (10pcs) 45cm


Fill-in Extensions Straight XL (10pcs) 60cm

Fill-In Value Pack Straight (50pcs) 55cm

Quick Overview

Special Value Pack Edition: Save up to 40%

Fill-In extensions are prebonded extensions made of high quality 100% Human Hair. The hair is connected to the natural hair by using a small keratin bond and connector tool. The natural straight textures ensure an instant integration with the natural hair. The special Fill-In Value Pack edition (50 pcs.) equals a basic volume service.

Contains: 50 pcs. (length: 55 cm), 2 protectors 

• 100% Human Hair 
• Long-lasting keratin bond application (8-12 weeks)
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain Professional aftercare



Prebonded extensions with long-lasting keratin tip

Fill-In extensions Value Pack Natural Straight 55 cm 
Fill-In extensions are perfect for volume, color and lengthening treatments. A mix of colors can be used to add highlights or lowlights. The hair is connected to the natural hair with small long-lasting keratin bonds. The keratin bonds keep the hair extensions within the bond with little to no shredding. Fill-in Value Pack extensions are flexible, comfortable to wear and ensure optimal hair distribution. The individual strands allow for a customized, more natural look. 

One Fill-In extension Value Pack (50 pcs.) equals a basic volume treatment for normal hair. For fine hair 75-100 pcs. are recommended. For lengthening services 150 to 200 prebonded extensions are needed.  

Balmain Hair Couture offers a unique 6 months quality guarantee on all 100% Human Hair extensions when using the Balmain Professional Aftercare range.

Best for:
Fill-In extensions are perfect for volume, color and lengthening treatments. Suitable for all hair types. 

Backstage Secret:
Mix two different colors for a natural look.

Content: 50 pcs. (length: 55 cm), 2 protectors

Fill-In Value Pack extensions are made of high quality 100% Human Hair.
Length: 55 cm | 22″ 
Packaging size: 65 x 17 cm

Also available as singlepack and in different hairlengths and textures

Bond-application 8-12 weeks (Bonds, Plug & Play Connector not included) 

1. Make a parting in the natural hair. 
2. Take a small hair strand.
3. Place the protector around the hair strand. Secure with a clip at 0,5 cm from the scalp.
4. Place the bond of the extension under the hair strand.
5. Use the Plug & Play Connector to heat the bond. Continue heating until the Bond starts to bubble.
6. Roll the bond into the natural hair using your thumb and forefinger until you have a clear, rice like bond.
7. Do not wash the hair for 24 hours, to allow the bond to seal.

In order to re-use Fill-In extensions, separate keratin Plusbonds are needed. Remove the extensions from the hair. Cut off the old bond of the removed extension and heat a new keratin bond in the Plug & Play Connector. Place the extension onto the melting bond and attach as usual. Keep in mind that Fill-In extensions become shorter after reapplication.

Use Balmain Professional Aftercare to validate the 6 months guarantee on the hair.

Additional properties:

Hair length : 55cm / 22"
Hair type : Human Hair
Made of :
Application techniques : Bonds
Pieces :
Size (ml) :
Ingredients :
Free from :
Dimension packaging (LxWxH) :
Dimension product (LxWxH) :
Weight incl. packaging :
Weight excl. packaging :
Additional information :