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Volume Secret Filler Human Hair

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Volume Supérieur Memory®Hair


Volume Secret Booster Human Hair

Volume Secret Filler Human Hair

Quick Overview

This hairpiece, made of 100% Human Hair, creates instant volume on top without the need for backcombing. The V-shaped Volume Secret Filler attaches around the parting under a layer of natural hair and is therefore invisible once clipped in. The Volume Secret Filler blends perfect with the natural hair and is ideal for fine, pit less hair with a lack of volume on top. 

• 100% Human Hair
• Super-fast clip-in application  
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare


Volume Secret Filler Human Hair 
A well-known trick to create volume on top is backcombing. When backcombing the hair, the edges of the cuticles are teased in the opposite direction, causing a natural lift away from the hair shaft. Once these cuticles are lifted they never return to their original position completely, ending in hair damage and split ends. 

The Volume Secret Filler provides instant volume on top without damaging the natural hair. The specially designed V-shape perfectly fits around the natural parting and is placed under a layer of natural hair for invisible integration. The easy clip-in application method makes it possible to safely boost volume on top in just a few minutes. Made of 100% Human Hair, this hairpiece is very comfortable to wear. It feels soft and blends perfect with the natural hair.

Best for: The Volume Secret Filler is perfect for those with fine, pit less hair or with a lack of volume on top. 

Backstage Secret: Use the Volume Secret Filler in combination with the Hair Dress or Clip-In Weft Set to add extra volume to the lengths as well. 

This hairpiece is made of 100% Human Hair.
Packaging size: 23 x 16 x 8,5 cm

Make a section of approximately 2 cm around the parting of the hair. Lift up the section and apply the Volume Secret Filler around the section. Secure with the clips. Release the section and comb the natural hair over the hairpiece. Style as desired. 

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