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Professional Aftercare

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  1. Conditioning Spray for Memory®Hair 75 ml

    Conditioning Spray for  Memory®Hair  extensions

    Daily leave-in conditioner for Memory®Hair extensions. Detangles, protects and provides a natural shine. The Conditioning Spray for  Memory®Hair  expands the life and performance of  Memory®Hair  extensions and is an indispensable part of the aftercare routine.  

    • Conditioning Spray for  Memory®Hair  extensions
    • Detangles knotted  Memory®Hair  extensions
    • Provides softness and shine

  2. Shine Spray 75ml

    Shine Spray for hair with extensions

    Lightweight, UV-protective spray enriched with Vitamin E and Argan Oil. Attracts and reflects light to give the hair a luminous shine. The Shine Spray is specially formulated for hair with extensions and does not make the hair heavy or oily.  

    • Finishing shine spray for hair with extensions
    • Provides long-lasting radiance and luminous shine
    • With UV-protection

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2 Item(s)