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Soft Blend Weaving (1pcs) 40cm


Soft Blend Weaving is a 27cm wide weft made of high quality 100% Human Hair. The weft can be applied using either clips, rings (6-8 weeks), bonds (8-12 weeks), glue, weaving thread (4-weeks), or a fill-in strand. The Soft Blend Weaving contains multiple wefts, including one patented Soft Blend Edge for perfect integration.

Contains: 1 Weft  (width: 27cm, length: 40cm),  6 clips attached to the weft, 15 separate bonds, 15 separate soft rings, 1 weaving thread, 1 weaving needle, 1 fill-in strand, 1 crochet needle, 1 stick ripper, 1 puller, 2 protectors.

• 100% Human Hair
• Multi-application: 6 different application techniques
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain Professional aftercare