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Clips for Colouring L10, L8, L5

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Clips for Colouring L10, L8, L5


Personalize the Consultation Boutique

To meet the local demands of each salon, Blanc Colour Clips are available for the Consultation Boutique to create custom-made colours that best suits the demand of each market. Also extremely suitable to create temporary fashion colours.  Available in Level 10, Level 8 and Levels 5.

• Especially developed for the colour artist
• Perfect to create custom made and fashion colours
• Customize your Consultation Boutique


Blanc colour clips especially developed for the colour artist.

Clips for Colouring

The blanc colour clips are specially developed to personalize the Consultation Boutique. The blanc colour clips are made of 100% Human Hair and available in three different level colours (L10, L8 and L5). Color clips can always be colored with Balmain Couleurs Couture hair colour but never bleached or lightened. The blanc colour clips are the perfect tool for the colour artist.

• 100% Human Hair Colour Clips
• Create the colours that suits the demand of your market
• Personalize your consultation boutique
• Create fashion colours based on each fashion season

To keep the Colour Clips styled identical and in perfect condition, a proper maintenance regime is mandatory.

• For hygienic reasons, the colour clips need to be washed with Balmain Hair Care after each client/application.
• Blowdry the colour clips after washing with a round brush, to polish the hair.
• Use styling products to avoid frizz and enhance shine.
• Use a styling tool (on low temperature 160°C/ 320°F) degrees if needed to style the hair.
• Frequently brush the colour clips to avoid any knots.
• Frequently check if the Colour of the Colour Clips is still brilliant and vibrant. As the colour clips are made of 100% Human Hair, the colour naturally fades over time. Colour the Coulour Clips with Balmain Couleurs Couture to renew the colour of the clips.
• If the Couleurs Couture Consultation Boutique is placed into direct sunlight extra colour maintenance is required.
• Only use Premium Illuminating Activator (6-Vol/1,95%) on colour clips when refreshing colour.

Additional properties:

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Dimension packaging (LxWxH) : 17.3 x 20.5 cm
Dimension product (LxWxH) : 11.5 x 23.5 cm
Weight incl. packaging : 38 gr
Weight excl. packaging : 36 gr
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