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  1. Illuminating Activator 6,5Vol 1,95 Percent 1000ml

    Cream Developer for Demi-Permanent Colours and Toners

    The Balmain Premium Cream Developer is a hair colour developer specially designed for the Balmain Couleurs Couture hair colour cream. The developer mixes easily with Couleurs Couture Hair Colour cream for a uniform and consistent result. Available in 10- (3%), 20- (6%), 30- (9%) and 40- (12%) volume formula’s.

    • Special Cream Developer for Demi-Permanent Colours and Toners
    • Rich, creamy formula for easy and precise application
    • For Professional use only

  2. Couleurs Couture Package deal

    Balmain’s Couleurs Couture collection offers vibrant, long lasting colours infused with the brand’s signature ingredients that enhance hair and colour vitality: Argan Elixir and Silk Protein. The gentle hair colouring process with micro pigments respects the hair quality while penetrating deep into the cortex of the hair for maximum colour retention.

    The Balmain Paris Hair Couture Couleurs Couture Package Deal contains;

    Buying the following contents:
    • Couleurs Couture Colours + supplementary Salon service
    • Creme Developer 10, 20, 30 and 40Vol
    • Premium Illuminating Activator 6,5Vol
    • Moisturizing Shampoo 1000ml
    • Moisturizing Conditioner 1000ml
    • Premium Powder Lightener
    • Freehand Clay Lightener

    Supported Materials (receive as a gift):
    • Couleurs Couture Colours + supplementary Salon service
    • Creme Developer 10, 20, 30 and 40Vol

    • Couleurs Couture Apron
    • Tint Bowl
    • Tint Brush Large
    • Tint Brush Small
     Colour Book (EN)
    • Consumer Treatment Brochure (EN)


  3. Display Supplementary Salon Service Gold

    Luxurious Supplementary Salon Service display

    Golden display to present the Supplementary Salon Service in the salon. The luxurious display stocks 18 Supplementary Salon Services and easily glorifies the counter of every salon. The Supplementary Salon Service is provided with each colour service and includes a personalized home maintenance consultation and special aftercare treatment as the first step of a good colour care routine.

    • Luxurious golden display
    • Stocks 18 Supplementary Salon Services
    • Small size counter display  

  4. Education Kit

    Discover the secrets within Couleurs Couture

    The luxurious Couleurs Couture Education Kit offers a complete range of training essentials to discover the secrets within Couleurs Couture. Including Education Manual, 100% Human Hair Tape Extensions for colouring (10pcs), Blanc Colour Clips (L10, L8, L5), Colour Comb, Tint Bowl, Soft Bristle Tint Brush S, Soft Bristle Tint Brush L, Couleurs Couture tester and Supplementary Salon Service. 

    Optional to add against additional cost: Apron, Genuine Leather Apron, Cutting Cape, Salon Towel, Session Towel and Couleurs Couture testers (max 24 pcs).

  5. Presentation Kit

    Content: Presentation Box - Colourbook - Trainingsbook - Tape Extensions for Colourring 20cm 10pcs - Colour Clips for Colouring (L10, L8, L5) - Colour Comb - Tint Bowl - Tint Brush Small 3,5cm - Tint Brush Large 5,5cm - Supplementary Service Mask 10ml

  6. Education Manual

    Discover the secrets within Couleurs Couture

    The Couleurs Couture Education Manual contains all the essential information about the Couleurs Couture collection. The multilanguage manuals combines theory with practice and includes a set of 100% Human Hair extensions to get familiar with texture, pigmentation product and Blanc Colour clips to create custom made colours for the Consultation Boutique.

    • Multilanguage education manual  
    • Get familiar with the product, texture, pigmentation and grey coverage
    • Create custom made Consultation Boutique colours

  7. Colourbook

    Professional Colour Chart

    The Couleurs Couture Colourbook is a professional swatchbook including 60 colours and one clear. The binder contains removable pages with fixed colour swatches and one special removable “Grey % Indicators & RPC Chart” to easily determine the percentage of grey and right tonal selection while neutralizing or enhancing a colour.

    • Professional swatch book with 60 colours and one clear
    • Removable pages with fixed hair swatches
    • Including Grey % Indicators & RPC chart

  8. Apron

    Designed for professional salon stylists

    The water-repellent polyester apron with PU coating protects clothes from everyday salon spills. Featuring two large lap storage pockets, adjustable neck strap for a controllable fit and special metal ring to clip a Session Towel on and clean hands while working.

    • Water-repellent
    • Polyester apron with PU coating
    • Protects against bleach, hair colour, peroxide and water

  9. Genuine Leather Apron

    Handcrafted genuine leather apron

    The luxurious apron is made of genuine tumbled calf leather and designed for professional stylists. The high quality leather protects clothes from everyday salon spills. Featuring two large lap storage pockets and adjustable neck strap for a controllable fit.

    • Handcrafted
    • High quality genuine tumbled calf leather apron
    • Suitable for styling and colour services

  10. Clips for Colouring L10, L8, L5

    Personalize the Consultation Boutique

    To meet the local demands of each salon, Blanc Colour Clips are available for the Consultation Boutique to create custom-made colours that best suits the demand of each market. Also extremely suitable to create temporary fashion colours.  Available in Level 10, Level 8 and Levels 5.

    • Especially developed for the colour artist
    • Perfect to create custom made and fashion colours
    • Customize your Consultation Boutique

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