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Argan Moisturizing Elixir & Leave-In Conditioning Spray

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The ultimate duo for soft bodied shine, heat and UV protection. Apply the Argan Moisturizing Elixer after your shampoo routine on towel dry hair from the mid- lengths until ends. Then spray the Leave- in Conditioning Spray royally from roots until ends. Comb the hair and squeeze the excess water out the hair by using a towel. This leaves your hair nourished and protected from heat for your styling routine as it will shorten your blow- drying time.

Combine these two products on towel dried hair and squeeze all the water out of the hair. The ultimate protection against heat & the solution to thicken fine hair.

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1 x Argan Moisturizing Elixir 100ml   +45,00 €
1 x Leave-In Conditioning Spray 200ml   +42,00 €

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