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Balmain Paris Hair Couture is proud to present the new Fall-Winter Campaign featuring the stunning Aline Weber, Brazillian model and activist

of German descent who has recently dedicated time to sharing the effects of rapid deforestation in the Amazon Jungle.

This season has as a main focus versatility, what looks, and results can be achieved by prepping the hair, mix and matching

products and the use of tools in combination with products. Thus, creating three completely different looks with the same type of hair.

Look 1

Prep - Prep the hair with the Leave-In Conditioning Spray and blow-dry the hair as desired. Part the hair with a middle parting to create a symmetric look. For extra length and volume use the DoubleHair Backstage Weft 60 cm (or Silk Tape Extensions) in the colour 10A.

Backstage tipApply the Texturizing Volume Spray for more volume, hold and root lift.

Style - Dampen the hair with the Leave-In Conditioning Spray and Pre-Styling Cream, wrap dry as desired. When the hair is completely dry use the Cordless Titanium Straightener to create more root lift on the crown area and waved locks of hair around the face.

Finish - Finish and set the hair with Session Spray Strong placing pieces of hair where desired for maximum hold.

Look 2

Prep - To add extra length and volume apply the Backstage Weft 60 cm or DoubleHair 55 cm. Dampen the hair using the Professional Water Vaporizer and apply Curl Cream.

Backstage tip For extra care and conditioning mix the Leave-in Conditioning Spray and water in the Professional Water Vaporizer (mixing both half / half) in the Professional Water Vaporizer.

Style - Starting at the nape area, braid hair in horizontal box braids approx. 1 cm to 2 cm subsections. Diffuse the hair with the Professional Blowdryer. Important dryer settings, high heat and low speed. Diffuse the hair until it's completely dry.

Finish - Release the hair from the braids and brush the hair in the area's where more volume or texture is desired. Finish the look with the Argan Moisture Elixir and set the look using the Session Spray Medium for a flexible hold and fixation.

Look 3

Prep - Prep the hair with the Leave-in Conditioning Spray, Pre-styling Creamd and Styling Gel Strong. Blowdry the hair in horizontal sections for a root lift at the base. For extra length and volume apply the Backstage Weft 60 cm in the colour 10A or HairDress 55 cm Human Hair in the colour New York.

Backstage tip All 100% Human Hair, additions  can be coloured in any desired colour.

Style - Spray Session Spray Medium all over and brush though thoroughly for even distribution. Curl the hair evenly with the Professional Curling Wand 32 mm. Starting at the nape area and work upward using horizontal sections, set the hair with flat pins or Balmain Hair Section Clips.

Finish - Set the hair completely using Session Spray Strong for maximum hold. As the final step, brush hair using the All Purpose Spa Brush to achieve a bouncy, shiny set and finish.