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  1. Dry Shampoo travel size 75ml

    Questo spray detergente a secco rinfrescante istantaneo assorbe gli oli e rinforza la tua acconciatura senza alcun lavaggio. Perfetto per creare capelli dall’aspetto opaco e dalla consistenza piena e voluminosa. Ideale per tutti i tipi di capelli. 

    • Rinfresca i capelli per un look ‘appena lavato’
    • Assorbe gli oli in eccesso e deterge il cuoio capelluto
    • Lascia i capelli freschi, lucenti e profumati, con la fragranza firmata Balmain

  2. Styling Gel Strong & Shine Wax

    Mix the Styling Gel Strong and Shine Wax, this texture creates a wet look with a strong hold but easy to sculpt with.

  3. Styling Gel Strong & Session Spray Strong

    The perfect combination for an instant sleek look; apply the Styling Gel Strong from the roots to the mid length. Use the Spa Brush to brush the hair sleek, finish with the Session Spray Strong.

  4. Matt Clay Strong & Session Spray Strong

    The Matt Clay Strong and Session Spray Strong are the perfect combination for super fixed hair. Warm up the Matt Clay with your hands first and spread throughout. 

  5. Styling Gel Strong & Pre Styling Cream

    First use the Pre Styling Cream to create bouncy curls, mix one pump of each product and squeeze into your roots.

  6. Volume Mousse Strong & Styling Gel Strong

    Apply the Volume Mousse Strong from roots until ends and use one pump of Styling Gel Strong on the roots for the perfect big blow dry.

  7. Pre Styling Cream & Session Spray Medium

    Nourish the hair with Pre Styling Cream, and spray over with Session Spray Medium for shiny looking hair.

  8. Texturizing Salt Spray & Volume Mousse Strong

    Ultra volume boost. Mix the products in your hands and apply to the hair before blow-drying. This gives a great air finish while control still remains.

  9. Argan Moisturizing Elixir & Leave-In Conditioning Spray

    The ultimate duo for soft bodied shine, heat and UV protection. Apply the Argan Moisturizing Elixer after your shampoo routine on towel dry hair from the mid- lengths until ends. Then spray the Leave- in Conditioning Spray royally from roots until ends. Comb the hair and squeeze the excess water out the hair by using a towel. This leaves your hair nourished and protected from heat for your styling routine as it will shorten your blow- drying time.

    Combine these two products on towel dried hair and squeeze all the water out of the hair. The ultimate protection against heat & the solution to thicken fine hair.

  10. Argan Moisturizing Elixir & Silk Perfume

    Mix these two products for an instant anti-oxidant boost for your hair and ultimate shine. Silk Perfume mist can be used as a leave-in conditioner, which detangles hair and gives excellent shine. Use in combination with Argan Moisturizing Elixir for an argan boost and optimal protection of the hair.

Imposta ordine discendente


Articoli da 31 a 40 di 40 totali

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